Anthropomorphism Day 4: The Devil’s in the Details

modern_mythology___demeter_by_kuroshi-d485xzcModern Mythology: Demeter by Kuroshi

This 90 minute lesson is the fourth day of the Intro to Anthropomorphism Unit. It’s a work day for students to put some time into their stories, do some more research, brainstorm questions, and get support from each other and you.


Students will be able to critique their progress on their story idea based on what we’ve discussed about anthropomorphism, allegory and the issue they’ve chosen.


Required materials are normal text, recommended but not required materials are italicized

Essential Question(s):

How does anthropomorphism allows use to connect to the world at large?

Inquiry Exercise:

(10 Minutes)
Opening journal entry: What’s your topic? Why is it important to you? How do you hope to address it.

Introduction to New Material:

(5 Minutes)
For those 
of you who feel like you’ve gotten a solid start on your story, great! For those of you feel like you’ve got a bunch to do, today is your chance. You may work alone, with partners, have friends read your story and chat about it, or seek help from me. Either way, by the end of this period, you should be at least half-way through writing your story. If you need assistance, I’ll be coming around to help each of you out.

Independent Practice:

(60 Minutes)
We’ve worked as a class and in groups on these two stories, and you got to watch a cartoon. Pretty good day. We’re going to shift gears just a bit and read my favorite chapter of John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. I want you to read it and annotate it on your own, just like we did as a class and in groups. If you really need to work with a partner, you can work with your tablemate.

When you are done, pull out your journal and rewrite, in your own words, definitions of fable, allegory, anthropomorphism, and moral. I’d also like a sentence or two about how they connect to each other.


(15 Minutes)
This is my grading rubric. Hand out rubric sheet. I would like you to take the remaining time to think about where you are with your story and what you still need to do. Grade yourself from 1-5 in each of the columns. If we chatted this period, you should have a good idea where I think you were when we did. What you mark down isn’t your grade, but it will give us a good idea of what you still need to do tonight and tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’ll have several recording studios set up tomorrow for you to record your story and a Q&A with a classmate. Your classmate will be randomly assigned to ask you questions, so be prepared with good ones. Everyone will need to play interviewer and be interviewed.

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