Anthropomorphism Day 5: Studio Day


This 90 minute lesson is the fifth and final day of the Intro to Anthropomorphism Unit. It’s an opportunity to polish off students stories and record their Q&A.


Students will be able to demonstrate how anthropomorphism helps us connect to bigger issues by recording a podcast featuring a reading of their story and an author’s Q&A.


Required materials are normal text, recommended but not required materials are italicized

Essential Question(s):

How do stories connect the traits of animals and humans to get at deeper ideas?

What makes a fable?

Inquiry Exercise:

(5 Minutes)
Opening journal entry: What has been the most difficult part of this project? Why?

Introduction to New Material:

(3 Minutes)
Today we’re going to be recording. If you need time to work on your story, you can take a large part of the time today to finish up. Before you leave you’ll need to record at least the Q&A with your assigned partner, even if you haven’t finished your story.

Guided Practice:

(15 Minutes)
To show you how this works, I’m going to read my story as I walk you through the recording process and then I’ll take 5 questions from you guys which I’ll answer in my Q&A.

Pull the microphone in close and read your story while recording. Make sure to demonstrate proper mic placement and angle, as well as using a music stand to keep paper rustling from happening. When you’re done reading, have 5 students come up, say their question into the microphone and then answer.

Independent Practice:

(60 Minutes)
Alright, get to it. Write your stories if you need to work on that. Record if you’re ready. Make sure you get your interview done. I’ll be shutting down the booths with about 10 minutes left in class.


(7 Minutes)
Ladies and gentlemen, you have done a lot of good work this week. Next week, we’ll be taking what we’ve learned this week about allegory and anthropomorphism to the next level as we start diving into our next book. Before you go, I would like you to take a few minutes and write a journal entry detailing how you felt about this week, the project, and what you’ve learned. Please be specific about what you liked or didn’t like.

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